5 Tips For Wedding Makeup

Wedding is all about perfection and budget. If you cannot go for the right ones, you will end up looking either too dramatic or simply will lose the right definition.

So, here are some tips for your perfect wedding makeup. Have a look.

1. Have a trial first: Whatever you may have been planning for your wedding hair and makeup, have a proper trial first. Make sure that the way you are thinking to have all these is suitable for you. An improper trial will land you in problems. Whether shades are to be darkened or lightened, the decision for hair extension, your eye makeup and other touch ups – decide everything previously. Otherwise, you will have to face the problems on your wedding day and probably you will find it hard to get a solution of it.

2. Know the actual tricks: If you are trying some new techniques for wedding hair and makeup, have trials beforehand. Sudden change of beauty regimen will harm your look. For instance, if you are going to try contouring, know the actual way to do it. During daytime, contouring will look too loud and you cannot get better pictures with it. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional and leave it on them.

3. Wear nude lip color: Putting up lip-gloss will be a very wrong idea and you cannot get the desired look in the photos with it. Moreover, the lip-gloss or dark colored lipstick will be faded away at once while your husband will kiss you. Then the fading lips will make you look pale and that will affect your photos again. So, pick the nude lip color that leaves a shine and enhance your natural look. Irrespective of your complexion, you can trust upon the nude colors. They have a matte shine and long lasting effect without staining your lips. In addition, with any of your wedding gown this will work well.

4. Too much dramatic eyes: If you are thinking of dramatic eyes like the 70s or 90s Hollywood actors, this will be nothing more than a mishap. Pick up the style that suits your personality and enhance your beauty. Go trendy with a classic touch. Your professional artist in Castle Hill will make the great combination for your face. Nevertheless, beware of inexperienced ones.

5. Apply blush correctly: Blushing position is your apples. Putting them on diagonal direction or on your cheekbones will be incorrect. Hence apply them correctly. Also, if you are not familiar with such techniques, you can ask any professionals for the same.

A Great Way To Clean Your Skin

Getting body scrubs is a good way to cleanse the skin of your whole body. People pay more attention to the face, than the other parts of the body. Know that the skin cells of your other body parts also regularly shed in order to reveal new and healthier skin. With age, this process slows down, so to get it going all you have to do is to get a body scrub. Other than this, there are many other health benefits that you can gain through a good body scrub.

How does it work?

When a body scrub is massaged over the body, it exfoliates the skin by sloughing off dead skin cells. The massaging itself will boost circulation and will help to drain the lymph nodes. The skin underneath will be left smooth and moisturized. Most of all after a scrub you should feel relaxed and pampered. This a good method for stress relief and also for a break from the hard work.

The different types

The body scrubs differ from each other due to the ingredients used in them. In many body scrubs there is a main ingredient, while in some there is a combination. Salt or sugar or both ingredients are used in almost all body scrubs. And also essential oils such as lavender, almond, citrus and peppermint oils are used. A coffee body scrub can be used for a more invigorating scrub. For an herbal scrub, herbal oils such as rosemary or aloe vera can mixed with the exfoliating scrub. Then there are the fruity scrubs where crushed seeds and fruit oils are used.

How is it done?

If you go to a spa or a therapist, they would have different facilities, depending on what they have there would be a slight difference on how a body scrub is done. You can always request for a female or male therapist that you would feel comfortable with. And note that during the process you will be always covered as the experts will rapidly roll and fold towels to keep you comfortable, so all you have to do is relax throughout the treatment. The basic steps are; first you will have to lie down and then the scrub will generally start with your back where the product will be applied up and down your body. Next your body will be massaged one area at a time and then you will be rinsed off with warm soft water. After that if the treatment was previously done on your back, the whole process will be done on your front, if not, vice versa. This whole process will take about thirty minutes and afterward you will be asked to take a shower to wash off all remainders of the product on your body.

Sleeping in an Extra Hour while Still Looking Amazing to Face the Day


In the past when gender normal and gender roles were more defined most women would not be caught dead without a proper application of make up on. Once upon a time, make up was considered a must have for any woman and not having make up on at a public place such as an official function or a meeting was not considered acceptable. However, with gender roles and gender norms becoming blurred, we are seeing less women wearing make-up with most claiming they do not know the first thing about make up application. At the same time we are seeing a small niche group of men opting to wear basic make up that define their eyes and clear up their face.

Saving important time before work

With both these instances however, we are seeing more people of both genders who do not opt to wear make up for two reasons. The first being unwillingness to dedicate important time in the morning to applying make-up, time that can be spend sleeping for an extra half of an hour and the second being not knowing how to apply make up without ending up looking like someone with a great Halloween costume on. Fortunately, modern science and technology has brought forth a great solution for this in the form of semi-permanent make up. Melbourne has many tattoo parlours and cosmetic beauty centers that now offer services to have your make up done for you in the form of semi permanent tattoos allowing you to look amazing all the time without having to deprive yourself of additional sleep time. It also is the perfect solution for those with less than perfect make up skills to look amazing all the time. Get to know the most common permanent make up requests of women over here.

Although many people are hesitant to invest a significant amount of money on semi-permanent make up in Melbourne. There are many cosmetic beauty centers that offer the service at very affordable rates. In fact, when compared to the prices involved with having to buy good quality make up in order to have your make up done every day and the costs associated with having professional make up done at salons, having permanent or semi-permanent make up done is fairly effective, especially when couples with the benefits of how much time you will save every day.

Permanent and semi-permanent make up usually involves eye brow and eye liner tattoos and having your lipstick permanently done. However, in addition to these, it is important to have monthly clean ups and facial treatments to keep your skin looking smooth and beautiful. Having great skin will give you the option of not having to wear foundation and concealer. In fact, this is a vicious circle because most women wear a lot of concealer and foundation to cover their acne.


5 Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

Having long hair is a common desire among women but the time and energy they have to invest in order to get it are quite dreadful for them. Oiling, shampoo, cleaning, trimming and lot more ‘to do’ lists are there in order to get long hair. Keep calm and let us share with you some of the best tricks to make your hair look longer and more voluminous in some easy strokes. Just have a look at these tricks and you will have you answers here.

The 5 tricks that will help you get longer looking hair
1.    Hair never grows overnight: Oil your hair and you will have your hair grown overnight – if someone says so, truly it will not help you. A certain period is required for this hair growth. But for instant hair enhancement, use the tape hair extensions and look glamorous. The hair sprays will make your hairstyle more attractive. Use the oil treatment twice a week for a better growth and this is truly helpful.

2.    Allow some treatments: If you are not satisfied with the usage of hair extensions Sydney, allow the treatment of hair transplantations. This will help in the restoration process and soon your hair will be grown to some extent. Pain or scars are not at all a problem in this treatment and they are cost effective too. You can style your hair in trendy ways and catch eyes of the crowd.

3.    Stay away from over styling: Styling is good but over styling will definitely damage your hair. Using so many products on your hair one by one without any experiment at beforehand, will turn your hair into a bushy and rough one. Regular usage of curler, straightener and dryer cause damage to your hair. Sometimes, over styling cause such damage that cannot be completely cured by hair restoration treatment.

4.    Trim your hair: Scissors are good for your hair, as they need human hair extensions Melbourne after certain timing. The split ends of your hair will be bothering any of the hairstyles you may pick to try. So cut them off after every three or four months, depending on the amount of growth of your hair. But don’t believe on the myths like cutting your hair again and again, will give birth to your new hair. It is not true at all.

5.    Shampoo twice a week: Using shampoo every time you are on shower will cause hair fall and so we suggest you to go for a high quality shampoo twice or thrice a week. Use good conditioner after your hair is cleaned thoroughly.